• With a courier company

Shipping costs are borne by the buyer. The cost for a package up to 2 kg is 3 € and for every extra kilo it is 1 €. The delivery of the products is done with the company ELTA COURIER and it usually takes 3 working days, if it is in mainland Greece. In island Greece, as well as in inaccessible areas, 1-3 days are needed.

In cases of special needs and force majeure (strikes, natural disasters, etc.) the company geekgalaxy.gr does not bear any responsibility for any delays.

Pricelist fir international shipping:

0 – 499 gr


500 – 999 gr


1kg – 2 kg


Over 2 kg

46+ 8€ per kg

• Receipt from the store

It can be picked up from the store, after a relevant selection during the checkout and communication process with the store.

• With ELTA (for orders abroad)

Shipments to a destination outside Greece will be sent with ELTA.