We are a group of people who share the same passion for gaming, music, comics, sci-fi, technology and gadgets. We grew up with Star Wars posters in our rooms, traveled to Middle-earth with Tolkien's books, melted records on our parents' old turntables and occupied the living room to play Atari with our friends. We were geeks before it became cool and fashionable.

Our goal is to create a space where people like us can find everything they are looking for and that is hard to find elsewhere! We try with passion and based on our own tastes to find products that will meet your needs, products that first of all we like ourselves.

Our most important value is your service, to the maximum and with the highest quality.

“Being a geek is a great thing. I think we’re all geeks. Being a geek means you’re passionate about something and that defines your uniqueness. I would rather be passionate about something than be apathetic about everything.” –Masi Oka